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Smoked Pork Chop

On April 13, 2012, in Recipes, by pjk

Smoked Pork ChopOkay – if you read the previous post, you know I’m rocking’ like Dokken with my grill, my thermometers and my bad self. You also know I have a freezer full of great meats that are going to be the fodder for the next round of grilling and culinary adventures.

Now, most of my grilling time has been on the weekends. Reserving an entire Saturday or Sunday to accommodate the slow and low schedule that a rack of good ribs requires. This is not one of those recipes. This was the “Thursday night I’m tired as f*** and I don’t really want to be doing this” cookout. So I grabbed a frozen 2″(!) pork chop from my freezer and threw it in the microwave to defrost. Here’s what happened next.

Heated the grill up to 375F. Which really means I had it down to about one notch above “Low”. Made a smoker pack out of a handful of apple chips and tinfoil, threw that on the grate.

While that was getting happy, I coated the thawed chop with the Myron Mixon “Basic BBQ Rub” (I told you to get his book…if I put his recipe on here, he’d kick my ass for sure.) While the grill temped up, I put the meat in a little foil pan to rest up.

After the grill was heated up and the smoke pack was smoking, I put the pan on the grill and closed it up for 15 minutes. After my timer went off, I flipped the chop, stuck the thermometer probe into the meat and closed it back up for another 15-20 minutes, or until the internal temperature reached 145F.

At this point, I turned off the grill, mopped both sides of the chop with pork glaze (Again – gotta get that book, yo. Dude’s got lawyers.) and let it sit in the cooling smoker for ten minutes.

Pull it out, let it rest for about 5 minutes, and serve. Like my little garnish there? Yeah, that was my “salad”. This thing was A. Mazing. Super juicy and perfectly done. I might try an injection in the future, but this didn’t really need it.

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